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Updated: Dec 6, 2021

We so much appreciate receiving the Best of What’s New 2021 Award from PopSci. “The Best of What’s New Awards showcase the year’s greatest feats of human ingenuity,” commented Corinne Iozzio, Popular Science editor-in-chief. “Despite the supply chain challenges making headlines in 2021, breakthroughs across all our categories have helped us glimpse a future brimming with possibilities. This collection, which includes everything from an artificial intelligence mapping more-efficient airline routes to mountain-bike shocks that adjust themselves on the fly, is full of items we’re proud to dub the Best of What’s New.” she added.

Enzo Acerbi, the CTO and Co-Founder of Vertical Oceans was thrilled with the accolade: “It is humbling to be included in this list, along with technologies like the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, Apple’s M1 chip, and Space X’s Starship. It’s a testament to how unique and game-changing our technology is - we love it that PopSci recognized this. Acerbi further commented, “The news came just as we were finishing construction of our new facility in downtown Singapore so it was a huge week for us.”

Vertical Oceans combines hardware engineering, bioengineering, and computational engineering in fully automated vertical farms. We use no chemicals or antibiotics and produce no effluent. We provide same-day farm-to-fork seafood that tastes great with outstanding sustainability credentials. It’s seafood you can feel good about all around, all year round. We were also excited to be named one of SOSV’s Climate Tech 100 this year.

See the original article and stay tuned on this blog for the latest news on Vertical Oceans. We have some exciting announcements coming up.

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